Social Sister // We speak women

It takes more than a great product or useful service to bring women together around a brand.

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We speak women.

We are branding experts who know women and what matters to them the most. 

It starts with finding the greater good in which your brand can play a part. 

Then finding the brand voice that resonates and building the tools you need to succeed. 

We create brands that behave not as Advertisers, but as Advocates. 

Because as women, we know-- when you advocate for something bigger, she will advocate for you. 

We know--when you speak to women the right way, they listen. 

And we know—when women are united they are a force to be reckoned with.

We are Social Sister. We speak women.




What we did for soHza sister

We believed that goods and services could/should serve a greater good. So we created soHza sister. With that success we wanted to bring our learning and the power of sisterhood and branding to other women-focused and social conscious brands. 

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soHza sister brand at a glance.png

We took soHza sister through our 3 stage brand activation process - GATHER//ORGANIZE//SHARE creating a toolkit & activation plan. Would you like to see?


We want to help you

We want to help build the sisterhoods that help build brands
— Sister Vicki Miller, President & Creative Director